The Munster Rugby Thread 2019/20

It is still relatively early in the season but remarkable how close things are in the middle of the table, 5 points separating Munster in 4th from Stormers in 10th.

Wonder if the length of the season will tell with some teams such as Leinster and Glasgow later on.
Still not sold on Leinster. They were shocking for all but 10 minutes of that game last night.

Harry Byrne must be close to getting booted now, there seems to be massive calls for Frawley at 10 up there now.
Munster team for Bayonne

Munster: Calvin Nash; Shay McCarthy, Alex Nankivell, Rory Scannell, Seán O’Brien; Jack Crowley, Conor Murray; Jeremy Loughman, Scott Buckley, John Ryan; Fineen Wycherley, Tadhg Beirne (C); Tom Ahern, John Hodnett, Gavin Coombes.

Replacements: Eoghan Clarke, Josh Wycherley, Stephen Archer, Jack O’Donoghue, Alex Kendellen, Craig Casey, Tony Butler, Ben O’Connor.

1- Matis PERCHAUD ; 2- Facundo BOSCH ; 3- Tevita TATAFU
4- Denis MARCHOIS (c) ; 5- Konstantin MIKAUTADZE
6- Pierre HUGUET ; 8- Rodrigo BRUNI ; 7- Baptiste HEGUY

9- Maxime MACHENAUD ; 10- Thomas DOLHAGARAY
11- Rémy BAGET ; 12- Eneriko BULIRUARUA ; 13- Peyo MUSCARDITZ ; 14- Bastien POURAILLY

Remplaçants : 16- Thomas ACQUIER ; 17- Swan CORMERNIER ; 18- Arthur ITURRIA ; 19- Rémi BOURDEAU ; 20- Gela APRASIDZE ; 21- Tom SPRING ; 22- Arnaud ERBINARTEGARAY ; 23- Luke TAGI

Should be a good game, looks like they're not sending a second team.
Definitely a full blown injury crisis now. We are missing :-

Salanoa, Killer (maybe) Jager, Barron, Scannell, EdEd, Kleyn, RG, Pete, Joey, Zebo, Daly, Haley, Liam Coombes, Frisch, Campbell

This game will be a huge test
Thankfully a bunch of them are minor injuries. A long way from a first choice team.

It's one that Munster should win but due to the shit format, it's not that big a deal if they lose.

Wonder if there's a strength and conditioning issue? Lot of leg injuries
It's vital that we start well. Connaught were sluggish against Bordeaux and got completely hosed.

We have an academy lad on one wing and a centre on the other, our full back has never (AFAIK) played 15 for us. Nankivell hasn't played 13 for us and Rory is a back-up 12. Jack and Murray will be OK

Their forwards will be powerful - Our hooker is inexperienced and his line out throwing has been dodgy. Our sub LH prop was destroyed by an Ulster academy player. Our sub hooker, Clarke, has never played for Munster.

Fineen is probably 6th choice lock. Tom Aherne will be playing his 3rd game at 6 for us. 2 academy backs on the bench.

Bayonne haven't won away all season so we don't know if they'll be competitive. The bookies are making us big favourites - I dunno ?
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