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James Connolly was an Irish Socialist Republican, in as much as he wanted a Socialist Republic in Ireland. He was of course born and bred in Scotland albeit to Irish immigrant parents. There's a small plaque to him just under South Bridge in Embra. A mighty man.
James Connolly sounded in 1916 and was in the GPO when a youth came in and said we shot three soldiers who rode by on horse back . He roared you should have shot the lot of them. A murderous
Not much point holding this guy up as some champion of workers rights.

He's as much a Brexiteer as Jacob Rees-Mogg and Brexit has been ruinous for British workers.

Yeah hes of Irish extraction, but he advised railway workers to support a vote for Brexit. He told Peston he still supports Brexit.

As much a clown as the Tories he's supposedly at odds with.

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