The Hurling Thread

A sad reflection on modern society that Ursula Jacob has to speak publically about the online abuse she has received,
It is not just in sport, politicians also get it and it can be quite nasty
No. You must not have read the comments about her here a few weeks ago. OutdoorThreadmill and Co have decided that shes in the public eye so its fair game....
Dublin have had some good minor and u20 teams recently.

They're current seniors are competitive but lacking a bit of star quality.

Any manger will be well resourced for backroom / logistical needs. It's an attractive in many respects but I still get the feeling they're not producing the type of natural forwards that the more traditional counties routinely do.

That's what will catch them no matter who is in charge or how well they're going. Daly produced a top class side that was lacking in that department and they haven't really come close to that level since.

The current round robin isn't helping them either...having to play KK, Gal and Wex in a condensed schedule is what they're finding tough also imo.
Dublin are going now where; not one inside forward of top quality, after losing their best defender to football……very hard job but with Wexford in Leinster a third place spot is always possible and would be a success

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