The Dunscombe fountain

Read an article recently about this fountain which was at the bottom of shandon st and was removed in the early 80s
and replaced by another fountain which was subsequently removed when renewal works commenced on shandon st,
A few years ago CLLR Ken o flynn raised the issue in city hall as to the whereabouts of the original fountain but to no
avail. He offered a reward of 100 EU for any information leading to its recovery,
Recently on a holiday to spain i noticed even small towns have great fountains. Why cant we do daycent fountains?
New square over by The Dean is made for a large fountain as a focal point. Im talking 40ft wide now not 5ft garden hose versions we seem to have


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Rumour had it that the Dunscombe Fountain was "acquired" by some highly placed official in the Corporation (at the time). He's long since retired.
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