THe Conor Mcgregor thread


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According to Ultima Hora, McGregor suddenly got aggressive with his former neighborhood friend after partying all night. As the sun came up, “all of his behavior changed and he became very aggressive.” He insulted her appearance and then kicked her in the stomach and punched her on the chin. After she fell, he jumped on her and reportedly declared, “I’m going to drown you, who do you think you are?”

The woman was so scared she jumped off the yacht into the water to escape, where she was rescued shortly after by a Red Cross boat. Initially, she identified McGregor as her attacker to her rescuers, but later reportedly told Gardia Civil agents it wasn’t him and that she just wanted to go home. That led the Gardia to pause the investigation. It has since been re-opened after the victim filed a report against McGregor in Ireland.

How about the Italian DJ he assaulted, allegedly all on camera, back in 2021? Must have been yet another pay off to go away. At least the aul fella in Dublin that he slapped wouldn't drop it.


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