The Ashes

Even a draw would be a good result for England after that Aussie first innings. They might try to hold out for the day tomorrow. Either way, some last day in store.

I don't think there's much chance of a draw, unless there's rain and I don't think there's any forecast. Aussies are certainly favourites but with under 200 runs to go and Root, Bairstow and Ali to come England have at least a sniff (plus Broad does have a history of lightning quick 40s, along with a bigger history of disappointing ducks). Smith is not a good captain as well. He's a brilliant batsman but he's not the inspirational mood changing captain that they might need.

Helluva match - if England make a fight of it tomorrow it'll be one of the greats.
Australia skittle England out in under 3 hours to win by 120 runs.
Now lead series 2-0
Perth up next, were England have won once in Ashes history
Looking at a whitewash now, a competitive one though
Jaysus that was brisk - Poms getting a real shoeing in this series. It could all be settled before the Christmas test. On to Perth next - where England haven’t won since 1978
Neither side had any serious warm up or run of games - so England might get going in Adelaide. Otherwise, if it’s the same craic as yesterday it’ll be a short series.
Big day tomorrow for England - once they finish out the Aussie tail (and that might be 30 or 40 runs) they need to dig in to f**k, forget about the scoreboard and just stay out there.
They bowled well today - poor old Leachy got taken to the cleaners but without the big show from Head, Aus would have looked modest enough.
England batted for 6.5 hours at the cost of 2 wickets. Based on that alone they have a sniff of a draw. Both teams under cooked in the red ball game, so comparisons to previous tests at Perth and other venues don't carry as much water. Only day 4 of 25, so too early to be calling this a whitewash!!!
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