The Ashes


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That’s some list donY - even Gary Sobers doesn’t make the top 10. Labuschange technically gets in by the top but has had a very short run so far. Bradman’s numbers are eye-watering. Also, Tendulkar played 200 tests for India - onreal.
Bradman is a monster, there's no real comparison with anyone else in terms of a batting career.

Root will need to put in a performance on Bradmans level tonight if England are to be still alive in the series tomorrow morning. They are being absolutely mangled


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Their only hope us that the rest of the games get scrapped. There's talk of staying in Melbourne because of the restrictions in Sydney.
Assuming they play, what can they do?
Try something like leading with Root and Malan?
Any young guns you try and bring in could be just throwing them to the wolves and if they had any established backup I'd imagine they would have been in this test already?
Ben Foakes is with the Lions squad. I'd take the gloves off Buttler and have him open. Give Foakes the gloves and that'll at least give him a start in the team going forward. That's just searching for a silver lining for them. There isn't one.

England's openers haven't given them a platform at all so it was always gonna be tough. They have to try something.

I've heard Sydney is a two spinner pitch (if it goes ahead) but I don't expect it'll matter if England bat like they have gone.

Jimmy Anderson didn't deserve to be part of that.

The boys on BT sport are saying to try and build for the future now. That's ok but Anderson is still the best they have got.
That’s the problem isn’t it? They have no talent pipeline. All their energy and focus is gone into the white ball game over the past few years. By the time the collapse in India came around last winter, it was too late.
The English is attack is strong - albeit over-reliant on a 39-year old Anderson - but the batting situation is truly shocking.

It’s funny, I was listening to “Aggers” on TMS the other day, and he was wondering at the lack of hassle and sledging in this series - he thought this was because of player solidarity in Covid. He didn’t realise that the Aussies just didn’t need to go there - they knew from the first ball that they were going to wallop the Poms.

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