The Andrew Tate thread …

But is does as it kept the poor lad in bog of confusion all day today so much so he replied to his own post :lol!:

Did that make sense in your head? Don't ever change, brah.

You said he claimed to be an MMA fighter.
Lol worse again and he claiming he is an MMA fighter

As I said a bog of confusion
What do you think he is claiming here that he can out ballet dance Logan Paul?

I had absolutely no idea who this guy was until he got banned from social media platforms and it went all over mainstream news. It was as if he secretly planned the whole thing out to gain a larger audience.
Didn’t know much about him until his arrest. He seems to be a bit of a cunt.
Had never heard of him until I saw him mentioned on here. The other day I heard the kids in the back of the car mention his name & asked them how they knew him. They said he was super famous in their world.
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