That Lisa Hannigan

Now that I am old, I get all my ideas on music from Jools Holland.

Anyway, that Lisa Hannigan was on last night.

I had previously dismissed her, on account of her Damien Rice association, and the fact she was the kind of girl guys like Scipi dreamed about.

However, I quite liked her song last night, though it was a little mobile-phone-adish
I saw here as well. Thought she was really good and very, very attractive. Probably a hippy of some sort but you'd still horse it into her I suppose.
I got the album for christmas as well. I found the music good, but the artwork and blurb on the album cover and packaging was particularly twee.

Watch this video and hopefully you will get what I mean:

Went along to her gig in Cypress Avenue there last autumn some time. I was rather impressed by her music. And she's really hot. Her shushung fans are annoying though, much more so than the people talking while she was playing.
Newton Faulkner
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

16th Mar 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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Triskel Arts Centre, Tomorrow @ 2pm

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