Tevez or Ronaldo Who was the Sneakiest

Now that the Tevez is officially not staying who was more sneakier in there future plans. Ronaldo who always dreamt about playing for Real Madrid and made no secret of it publically or Carloz Tevez who claimed he always wanted the Club to sign him permanetly but now after the Club have made him a lucrative offer to stay he has declined.
His agent was on a radio report saying that Tevez didn't feel wanted enough, if it was Rooney or Ronaldo Utd wouldn't have waited til their contract was up to commit them to staying. Tevez was unhappy at being made to feel unimportant. Boo hoo. Off the Shitty with him. Sayonara!!
Tevez saw out his deal and told them to fuck off. Nothing sneaky about it.

Ronaldo has carried them on his back for years and has wanted to leave for years. As a feeder club to Madrid they had to sell and were paid a good price. Not sneaky... obligatory more like.
I don't have a major problem with what any one of them did as loyalty goes both ways but the Tevez PR machine is pretty laughable (badly advised player perhaps)

Players get the boot from clubs all the time so it goes both ways, i think Tevez should have stayed for his own sake but that's the way it goes and noone is bigger than the club

United did well out of them both and as a fan i'm grateful for the last few years but it's time to move on

Far better players than both have left over the years and far better ones will leave again
I think it's quite simple - by joining City, it shows that money is clearly more of a motivator to Tevez than actual success. Does anyone really think that City are going to buy immediate trophies?
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