Taoiseach announces easing of restrictions

King Silkbeard

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The Taoiseach has just announced the end of restrictions, loads of rules that were put in place will now come to an end and with the exeption of wearing masks its back to some semblence of normalcy, the Taoiseach has called today " a good day".

It is good we can go back to living our lives being cautious of course cognizant of the fact the Omicron is out there but no longer a medical emergence, lets hope the doom and gloom can go away and see this virus out to the end in the not to distanst future.
A dark day for the local conspiracy theory boyos too. Radio 1 were on Flannerys pub in Limerick just after Martin's speech and what the all the cheering I'd say they would have carried him shoulder high if he was there. Gemma ODoherty will be sick to her stomach.

What's the Shinner angle? Are they going with restrictions eased too quickly or too slowly? Tough choice. Mick's ratings will soar now.

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