Stuff that grinds your gears

I was in a restaurant during the week, three women in the queue ahead of me, When the first of them got to the top of the queue the waitress asked her for covid cert and ID, did she have it ready? of course not, Had to find her cert on her phone and then get out her id, needless to say the two behind her didnt bother sorting their certs and id out ,just waited til the waitress asked,

Dr. Aaoouh

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Usually at some gala/applegreen service station with a sign outside to “grab a coffee”
The coffee is marketed as “artisan” but is in fact complete tasteless shite and goes through you like a dose of salts. McCafé is better than it.
The gas station down the street from me had, for years, as sign in the window that said “Buy coffee. Get gas.”

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