Stardust anniversary

Nope, never said nor implied.

Ah you are well able, ya hypocrite :lol!:

😂😂😂 No need to compound your stupidity, it's already very clear.
I'm glad you have nothing better to do but follow me around this forum; it means you're giving someone else a break from your insults. A great lad behind a keyboard but in real a very miserable individual
I offered you a bet - on that we are agreed.
You claim to have accepted the bet yet refuse to even provide a link to it or even tell me on what thread it was that you accepted the bet something you could very easily do if you had indeed accepted the bet.
And yet you refuse to :unsure:

I think most reasonable people reading this know that you're the one showing a reluctance for the bet to be entered into.
I didn’t claim to accept it, I did accept it, so stop lying even though it is your forte. Even you can find the bet that you ran away from, then that’s your look out not mine. As I said I fulfilled my side of the arrangement.
To be fair to Earl I think he was fulfilling that role for quite a few places such is his idiocy.
Keeping running, coward, why change a habit of a life time 🤣

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The Lee Sessions Trad Trail
The Gables, Douglas St.

29th May 2024 @ 9:30 pm
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Aaron O Sullivan

Dwyers Of Cork, Today @ 9:30pm

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