Gway ya numpty, I couldnt be bothered wasting my time on a hapless case like yerself.

Yer a pity of a human being.



Yet you found the time to start a thread all about poor old jt getting the boot for acting a cunt. That makes you a dope. Now run along and go and torment some poor girl who posts on here with friend requests and begging for a date mails on FB you creepy fucker.
I loooove how you try to personalise things on here at every turn.

Everymangate remains your crowning glory, you threw the mother off all bitchfits after some hefty wan went off with Lofty.

What an utter dope.
Yeah I told Dolly, I thought she was hot and I wouldnt mind a go off her, so the fuck what?

Just coz all you have the balls to do is sit at home pulling the wire off yerself in yer folks gaff.

Btw when are you coming down to midleton to 'get' JT.
Hes shitting himself.


How many other girls have you sent begging mails to is the real question??

You are a sick loser who has failed at life and is reduced to going drinking with the biggest clown on Gods green earth in the shape of jt.

I am sure there is a play there some where dealing with the "adventures" you both get up to after a few pints and a bitching session about the posters on here.
Randy Feltface
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

17th Jul 2024 @ 6:30 pm
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That They May Face The Rising Sun (12A)

Triskel Arts Centre, Tomorrow @ 8:05pm

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