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Does the DAA relinquish responsibility once the debt is paid off?
Can't recall the schism properly but was that debt generated by Cork airport? Why would it be written off?
Re responsibility, that's what was said at the time Micheal got his cronies on the CAA to accept the debt....

In short, when aer rianta was broken up, the agreement was that the Great Southern Hotels, and some of the other assets like Duty Free businesses in iirc Dubai/UK were to be sold off, for the new terminal in Dublin. In return, the new DAA would build a new terminal in Cork, with both Cork and Shannon being made independent and debt free.

The best analogy to this that I've seen is like asking Ryanair to buy a new fleet of aircraft for Aer Lingus, and don't worry about the cost as Aer Lingus will pay for it. What'd you expect them to do ?

So the DAA built a vastly overpriced, not fit for purpose terminal at nearly twice the cost, saddling the airport with a crippling debt. They then said no we're not paying for it because of EU competition rules. They have Cork in servitude and force us Corkonians up to Dublin if we want to fly anywhere of note.
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