Shit second songs

What are the parameters of the discussion here, Hurry-Stery?

For example: Jas Mann/Babylon Zoo's first single "Spaceman" was a massive hit and they didn't crack the top 10 (or 20) ever again.

Conversely - The Boo Radleys had a massive hit (by indie standards - indie in the truest sense of the word) with "Wake Up Boo!", shifted a lot of album units and then went back to making the music that they had been creating on 3 albums before "Wake Up!" and would return back into that vein with their next album "C'mon Kids" - which, in my opinion, is every bit as solid as "Wake Up!" and "Giant Steps". They never troubled the mainstream charts after that though - therefore not as many people would have heard them afterward but that doesn't make them shit.

To wit: are we talking one-hit debut wonders or one-hit first-time-the-general-listening-public-would-have-heard-this-band wonders?

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