S U V's in the City


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Should they be banned,i say yes there is no need for someone to own a SUV if living in the city except if needed for work

It's the way of the world i'm afraid BB. The yummy-mummies dropping their precious offspring to the school-gate in their SUVs before they head off to meet their pals for a discussion on fashion while sipping a skinny-laté-frappachino

Apparently Ford aren't going to be making saloons like Mondeos anymore and are making SUVs instead. Picture the next Lord Mayor in his 221 C registered SUV.


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Hyundai Tucson an SUV?


From their own blurb

"From concept car to a revolutionary SUV design.
The progressive design language of the All-New Tucson was inspired by Hyundai’s Vision T SUV concept"

Yes Drunker - the Tucson is an SUV

You are fake news.



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