Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

Wow!! 500,000 dead Russian Army soldiers, that's more soldiers than Russia even fielded since 2022. :lol!:

Now let's come back from the land of make believe and check what BBC News Russia says, yes, the BBC, the least pro-Russian outlet ever.

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There you go Bolek, try to spin that. :lol!:

Here you go boner, you lying piece of shit:

Meduza's estimates are based on official obituaries. UAF are including KIA, MIA and wounded who can return to the battlefield. Lost personnel you idiot, not killed. But this is above your intellectual abilities. After all you are the orc. edit: also, it is not BBC's data but reprint from Meduza, a reprint which clearly mentions the counting methodology you conveniently skipped. Nice try Vatnik!

I hope I helped, you totalitarian propagandist :)

How's super-hyper-offensive going? hahahahahaha

PS. spin this you muppet:


and get your leading officer to help you out spinning the below hahaha:

From one of the boards I am following:

Today I came across completely different information that needs to be analyzed and the amount of data is extremely small. Namely, about non-combat losses. These are very non-media and carefully hidden data, but they are GIANT. Few people know that during World War II, this type of losses accounted for 1/3 of the total losses of American troops. Accidents, diseases, desertions, disappearances cost over 110,000 deaths, which is more than the entire "non-European" theater of operations! From the leaks collected, the personnel of the fighting units, I was always shocked by the number of MIA in Russian units equal to the amount of rubble200 (ratio 1KIA:4WIA:1MIA/ POW). Previously, I assumed that it was a way of masking own losses from the command (no body, no Lada), but maybe I was too optimistic in terms of Russian morale.
List of missing/non-combat losses of the 443rd Motorstriel Battalion at the turn of March/April - 192 people in a month and a half! The unit fights near Ocheretne



An interesting story of a sergeant from the 153rd Panzer who was captured. It's worth listening to what's going on nearby. His unit lost several men before reaching the contact point, and without the participation of the Ukrainians... well... with the participation of the Ukrainians, but not the UAF troops. In short, because the translation is terrible: they had two people in the unit, recruited from the occupied territories. One quickly deserted and the other died during the ordeal when he started shooting at his "comrades". From the further statement it turns out that the units lose a lot of people due to alcohol, drugs, accidents and fragging and these are not negligible amounts but a burning problem.

Must be fecking amazing progress taking place for orcs. Moaning on potential cease fire already LOL

Kremlin mob shat their pants knowing that more Western help is coming after what they experienced first hand when the bottle neck was removed recently. LOL
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So is Ukraine winning? We in Europe and the US have allocated billions in taxpayers money to this. So what is the skinny? Last I heard russians were moving on Kharkiv again.
So is Ukraine winning? We in Europe and the US have allocated billions in taxpayers money to this

I'd suggest looking out for as many sources and references you can find, be they pro-Russian, pro-Ukrainian and then sort out the wheat from the chaff to try and form an opinion.

You'll be subjected to propaganda from all sides, but you'll soon see through the obvious crap, of course, also be aware of the constant flip flopping between the 'Democratic" and "free" western press, they just publish what they're told to publish, just as an example:

Ukraine winning Ukraine losing.jpg

Then you have the scare tactics, "send us money now or evil Putin will nuke you all!"

Ukraine scare Kinzhal tactics.jpg

Those are the same Kinzhal missiles Ukraine has been claiming to shoot down now for months with Patriots, not sure how as they even admitted five months ago, they can't even shoot down supersonic ones. :unsure:

Like I said, expand your reading, get information, wrong or right, from all sides and decide for yourself, some more examples just from the past week or so.

You don't want to be on the receiving end of these.

CNN report from the Ukraine side.

You don't mean the hypermarket the Ukraine Forces were using to store ammo and weapons? surely not! next you'll be telling us the sounds of secondary explosions are just tins of paint exploding. Oh well, there goes the perfect 100% 'we shot down everything' narrative.


I see you are back to the same sources which were claiming that Bucha massacre was a hoax and those slaughtered on the streets civilians are actors or they move hands with use of wires. Same which were claiming US biolabs operating in Ukraine and sending mosquitos with HIV with support of "the Black Lesbian Polish Satanic Mercenaries kidnapping children to drink their blood and which later were killed in thousands, but apparently no one ever seen a single grave or a body".

Good to see such shit incident xDDD you are pouring honey to my heart hahaha
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