Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

You're obviously not familiar with said TD. Also I see Putin rejected Bidens peace offer today, absolute disgrace not accepting to save russian lives in this pointless war.
They are only cannon fodder to him, pity they don't revolt and turn on him. Russkies had form doing just that back in the day.

This is a cemetery of Russian shells that were fired at Kharkiv since February 24. Ukrainian law enforcement officers are recording all the remnants of ammunition, their locations and GPS coordinates. According to Dmytro Chubenko, spokesman for the Kharkiv Oblast Prosecutor's Office, this will make it possible to work with this evidence base even after a certain period of time and provide proof of Russia's war crimes. Occupiers shell Kharkiv almost every day. Violating all the laws of war, Russians have been killing civilians for 284 days in a row. "Almost every shell from this mountain is someone's ruined life or destroyed home", 一 photographer libkos

All these missiles landed on Kharkiv

Some interesting attempt to calculate the actual loses:

  • Ukraine's non-returnable losses are about 35,000 soldiers (at least 15,000 dead plus 15,000-20,000 invalids). The total losses are about 100,000 soldiers, which means that 75-80% of the wounded return to the ranks. Very good efficiency of medical services (practically NATO standard - which is a phenomenal achievement considering the size of the army) in terms of WIA ratio is KIA: 6-7 to 1.
  • Losses in dead/dead for Russia: 80,000 (counting everything: Wagners, "republics", etc.). while losses (WIA to KIA) are expected to be 4:1 or an additional 320,000 wounded. It is difficult to estimate the non-returnable losses (invalids) because, on the one hand, a large percentage of people who would be invalids in the UA simply did not return from the front alive and, on the other hand: UA has at its disposal much better medicine from NATO. However, even assuming an analogous 80% return to the line of battle, that would mean 64,000 invalids and 150,000 casualties. The overall ratio of casualties to casualties is therefore more than 4:1 for Russia and the overall ratio of casualties to casualties is slightly less than 4:1. Personally, I think that the casualty ratio may be even higher, but the wounded ratio lower. Of course all this does not take into account prisoners of war. It also explains the scale of mobilization, with its advantages and disadvantages, with a weaker, but still able to fight army (on average - because probably there were worse and better ones).

27 days until the end of the year
Russians are 8550 dead short of 100,000.
With an average of 328 Russian soldiers killed per day, this number will be reached before the end of the year. And with 500 a day - before Christmas.

A comment to the above from one Ukrainian contact:

Data from military officers I know.
The dead were about 15-20 thousand, no more. 60 thousand wounded, but 52-54 not serious (I don't know what this means and whether this includes the disabled). But the number of civilians is approaching 120,000, and that is without deportees.
I don't know if you can trust 100%, but they operate with such data
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