Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

Everything Everywhere All At Once. 0/10 THE worst film I ever saw in a cinema! I was waiting for it to end and put us out of our misery for ages. The only reason I didn’t get up and leave was I’d gone there with people. They all said the very same after it finished. I actually fell asleep before the very end. Jamie Lee Curtis performed well and but for her I’d have given it a negative score! 😡
The Boston Strangler.


Two birds in the 60s report on a series of seemingly identical killings.

Not so much owing a debt to Zodiac as directly lifting style and one scene in particular is almost a copy and paste.

Maybe a better actress than Keira Knightly could have done something with the material but the tone was all over the place. Giving the plight of women in the press workplace even footing with a series of grisly murders just felt seriously off.

The serial killer genre has been done to death. This entry is derivative and doesn't have anything interesting to say.
blade trinity
shocking bad/10

it isn’t often you pass out for twenty minutes during a film only to wake up and still be in the loop with regards to the storyline.

grand for a sunday night after an absolutely dog heavy weekend.
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