President Obama calls Kayne West a jackass

Yeah, I'm delighted he knows what's important too Sunnynugget.

Kanye. Kanye is important. Health care, some wars, a depression and continued global instability not so much.

'Bama be down, yo.

Still though. Stylish little bitchslap from El Presidente for an 'artist' who seems to be a spoiled five-year-old child with ADD trapped in a gay fish's body. Personally I think that's more along the lines of being 'in touch' with da yoof as opposed to elevating Kanye to global importance. Professor Obama's hip, not square. He's like that dean in that Simpsons episode with the pig and the nukular fishing.

My, how we laughed.

How's she hoppin'?, Skip?


nice to know the president is down with whats important. plus he was spot on. he could have called him a lot worse to be honest.

what kanye did was disgraceful, ok i thought beyonce should have won the award, but obviously other people felt different, so taylor west won. doesnt give kanye the right to go up on stage and ruin her moment.

as for obama not delivering straight away, i knew it was going to be a tough job for him, for feck sake look at the mess bush left him, a trillon dollars in debt, 2 wars that are not looking like their ending any time soon, among other things that the plonker of a president left behind. he said it himself it would take years for america to really get back on it's feet. so to those who thought he would sort it out in a couple of months were only fooling themselves.

I wouldn't have said it was that important to be honest.


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Kanye West suspended from Twitter after posting swastika inside the Star of David​

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