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Donald Trump

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Legalising it cuts out the contact with drug dealers.

It's harder for kids to get gatt than to get illegal drugs as drug dealers don't ask for id
Prohibition does not work.

In the UK they've gone all Helen Lovejoy about gambling now. While not illegal, they're making people prove they have enough fir a slice of bread before letting them bet online.

So now, illegal WhatsApp bookies, no doubt run by organised crime have sprung up. Instead of just putting more into educating kids about gambling, having more treatment centres for addicts etc, they're giving crime another source of income.

I don't know why we haven't learned from America which is legalising betting at speed.

Prohibition doesn't work, it never has and it never will

Donald Trump

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They're getting it regardless.
It's probably easier to get a bag of coke then weed and both are probably easier to get then drink when you're underage.
That's all in the shadow of a drug policy you were indoctrinated in all those years ago.
It's failed miserably.
I'm all for more education around the dangers but thats not going to have any effect on how widespread and available drugs are.
On the money.

The "war on drugs" is a complete failure.

Donald Trump

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Dealers, cartels, corrupt officials and terrorists have won the war on drugs

The Wire completely exposed the war on drugs for what it is in the USA at least.

Saw an ex top cop in Scotland Yard on sky news a while back calling it a sham that alienates police from the community they're policing and has cops doing a load of shite in paperwork and court hours instead of cops on the beat.

I don't know the answer either as it's a complex problem, but the way we've done it for the last 50 years or so has not worked at all.

Frank O’Connor

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The prolonged use of ANYTHING is never ever good, adult or child. Chocolate, salt, alcohol, sunshine you name it. So to answer your question, of course the effects on young people are detrimental. What you can’t seem to explain is why the current policy on weed hasn’t stopped this. And then trying to justify the status quo.

As for your second paragraph, legalising won’t prevent those effects. Just like legal alcohol doesn’t stop alcoholism.
Nothing will stop that.
In relation to harder drugs and the ‘stable door’ as you put it, we could then properly fund our naval fleet, customs and revenue, gardai, cab to help reduce smuggling (it will never be eliminated but we could make a big enough dent with a well resourced force so that it becomes cost prohibitive for scum to import heroin and coke because those drugs HAVE to be imported…they can’t be grown here).
There’s a big difference between too much chocolate and too much weed as my psychotic cousin who indulged habitually would illustrate (you’re not him, are you?)

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