Official World Cup 2022 Thread

Interesting Uruguay line-up for their game against Iran which just kicked off.

Luis Suarez, Darwin Nunez & Pellestri (Utd's young reserve). Unclear if Cavani will make the WC squad. He's not on the bench

They look strong in midfield with Bentancur & Valverde. Vecino starts today, but Torreira will probably start when the chips are down.

If Darwin doesn't click for them up front I don't see them going far - but you'd think they'll have enough to edge out Ghana & South Korea either way.
I might be the odd one out here but I'm really looking forward to this. Winter is bleak at the best of times, so this will be a welcome addition to the standard dreariness of November/December. If nothing else, it'll be a good excuse to venture out to the odd watering hole or two.

The Lee Sessions Trad Trail
Charlie's, Union Quay

19th Feb 2023 @ 3:30 pm
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Deep Blue

Cyprus Avenue, Tomorrow @ 11pm

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