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Seen lots of stuff saying he's one of the most underrated wrestler ever. Character sounds great too.
Give a watch to the last AEW PPV's main event, at Wrestledream. Christian Cage versus Darby Allen. Story going into it is that Darby wants the title Christian has (TNT Title) back as it's the only time he ever felt truly successful/at peace. Christian Cage says Darby is courting death with what he does (he does do insane bumps) and he's not really a wrestler just a guy doing stunts (something he actually does.) Darby's protegé Nick Wayne faced off against Christian Cage's right hand man (a dude who thinks he is a (actually is a?) dinosaur) on the pre-card, losing. Nick Wayne basically being part of a wrestling family (Buddy Wayne his father and Moondog Ed Moretti(?) his grandfather) where Buddy Wayne trained him from a young age, then died, and Darby then helped Nick train. Darby basically looked out for Wayne, and Wayne is such a talent that AEW told him, "Finish school and we'll have a position for you the day you graduate."* Nick Wayne's Mom is who Christian wants to bang, and she's out their supporting her son's mentor/friend in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the title where insane stuff happens.

*There's two people this has happened with in AEW, Billie Starkz being the other, who was told she had a contract waiting for her the day she graduated. She's signed now, but also going to college while she works with AEW with them working around her uni schedule.
Im an old fart. Can anyone remember in the old days when an NWA talent went to WWF and Vince didnt dress them up to look like a fucking idiot?

Late 80s early 90s. Ric Flair is the only one i know who crossed over and kept his charactor. Even McMahon wasnt that stupid.
I'm watching Wrestlers on Netflix at the moment, it's very interesting. Shows some other side to the wrestling business and how hard it is for small promotions to survive.
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