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This is the full match, Hakushi aka Jinsei Shinzaki‘s entrance is great. Well worth a watch. Starts about a minute in…
Seen this in a comment about that match. “The story of that match is wild. Jinsei Shinzaki fought Great Muta in NJPW, in an attempt to banish the Muta demon from Keiji Mutoh's body. In that match, Muta wrote the symbol for "death" on a prayer stick in Shinzaki's blood, absolutely destroyed him, and had him carried out as if he'd died. This match, in which Shinzaki is still wearing the blood-soaked gear from the Muta match months earlier, is Shinzaki attempting to fight his way back from the afterlife - hence being slow and zombie-like for most of it - and the thing blocking him from returning to the world of the living is The Undertaker.”

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