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All In rocked. Great atmosphere, good matches. Adam Cole and MJF showed real growth in the Champion, nice bit of love to it. All the old guys got treated like stars (Sting is fucking unreal at 62.) I missed the Punk match but it's great to watch a PPV live and still have some energy after it from it not finishing at 4am.
Fellas have done a lot worse than Punk and got back into WWE.

Punk would draw money, even in the short term. Pity a feud between him HHH is out of bounds, that would be worth watching imho.
What was the incident? He must have been way past the line to get the boot.


how it started was a wrestler called Adam Page gave him a stiff chop (purely by accident by all accounts) .. Punk then went on the mic and shot on him for real and made him look bad. That led to a lot of bad feeling. Then Punk brawled backstage with the young Bucks and Kenny Omega after a PPV.
Then he sat out for a few months , came back and it was decided to keep him away from the wrestlers he had a problem with.

Then he had a run-in with a young wrestler called Jack Perry (son of late actor Luke Perry) over Perry wanting to use real glass in an angle.
Then last sunday Perry and Punk brawled minutes before the biggest show in company history was due to start . Apparently the owner Tony Khan was physically involved as were other non wrestling staff.

The common denominator in all of this is Punk. Ironically he is their biggest merchandise seller and they are running a PPV in Chicago this evening…
John Cooper Clarke
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19th May 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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