Official Cork City FC/LOI thread!

Hopefully the deal is the one City have been needing for a decade at this stage

Have you ever seen a deal so perfectly set up for puns and the media though?

Dermot ushers in a new era at Cork City
City finally see sonas at the end of the tunnel
New deal leaves Cork City in the toilet
Dermot doesn't let the sun go down on Cork City
"Dermot flushes City down the toilet". 😉
They're welcome to it!

Hopefully this is the deal City have needed and the stability with it. Sonas have grown very quickly and grabbed a big chunk of the sanitary ware market here, they are very good to deal with. I dont know anything about Ushers background or what kind of money would be there. An inevitable dip in construction is incoming so hoping this wouldn't matter to Sonas bigger picture, although he is hardly unaware of it either.

Has Usher a Cork background?
His mam worked in the capitol cinema, her job was to show people to their seats,

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