Official Cork City FC/LOI thread!

Coattails Dan.

What you’ve been reduced to 😞

The guy is a lunatic. What happened to you? You were always mental but at least you were your own man 😃
This from the liar that pm's users looking for straighteners.
Not your fault I guess, it can't be easy with all the narcotics and the hand that life dealt you
Didn't see the game but I heard City had chances and hit the woodwork twice. Disappointing to lose from 1-0 up with about twenty minutes to go but that's footbal.

If, as still seems most likely, we go up as champions, I wouldn't be all that doom and gloom about going straight back down. It'll be tough certainly, and we deffo won't be challenging for the title next season, but we just have to be ahead of the likes of UCD (if they stave off relegation), Drogs, or Shels at the end of the season. Bit by bit.
Anyway, Galway have their game in hand away to Limerick.

We're still in the driving seat. Beat Wexford at home and we're nearly there. If we fu*k it up from here it will be a collapse for the ages.
Wexford will be a big ask
Was up there when they should have won
Bloody hard team to dispense of
Genuinely thought our lads shut up shop after going ahead in Galway
Switched off concentration levels after the muppets invaded the pitch etc etc
Johnny C made good changes
We defended awful for one goal
The Complete Stone Roses
The Oliver Plunkett, Oliver Plunkett St.

1st Aug 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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