Official Boxing Thread

Logic would say she should have retired last night but of course the trilogy question and Serrano would follow her into retirement.. Some Balls she has😂

I think she proved to herself last night she still has a few more left in her.

Croke park has always been the dream and she’s gonna make it happen.

Eddie Hearne is a prick but I admire the way he keeps pushing Katie to the top she wouldn’t have had half the success without him. He gets the big shows done to be fair to him
She's phenomenal but not sure I agree on the last part. What she's achieved in the sport is mind-boggling but it is realistically a minority sport. Someone like Roy Keane who was one of the top players in the most popular sport in the world would stand out more to me. Suppose it depends on definition of greatest athlete ever too.
Sonia for me.
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