Official 2023 6 nations thread.

Who will win?

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Wanted to post something about the new Netflix 6N (drive for survive thingy) documentary and couldn't find a thread so killed two birds with one stone.

"Rugby is set to get it’s own ‘Drive to Survive’ with Netflix confirming a documentary series will be filmed during the upcoming Six Nations tournament.
The popularity of Formula One has exploded since the streaming service began following drivers and teams for ten episodes each season, and rugby will be hoping for a similar boost when the series, currently titled ‘Six Nations’, debuts in 2024."
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Looking forward to the Ukrainian influenced rogbish this year. We’ll have JGP launching HIMARS, a Khaliber being a badly misplaced conversion, and springing a ‘Kharkiv’ for the lightening strike

I hope the ghoys don’t do a Vlad on it and under estimate the opposition though

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