O cadhla

Tom Barry
Sheare’s brother’s
Wolfe Tone
1916 leaders
Bobby Sands etc etc
Pearse/ Clarke/ Cathal Bruagha
And anyone else who struck a blow for freedom which incidentally gives you the opportunity to post here
And live in a relatively peaceful state( 26 counties)
Era consign Macurtain and McSwiney etc to oblivion as your at it
I despair at some of Ireland’s woke dimwits
Lol. Stick to listening to your Wolfe tones mixtapes.

Corks finest

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Lol. Stick to listening to your Wolfe tones mixtapes.
No lol about it kiddo
Plus wouldn’t insult my ears listening to that noise
Fright to fuck woke cunts are afraid/ embarrassed/or unable to give respect to our forefathers who made it possible for you me and everyone in the state to voice our various and different viewpoints
Remember kid
If you don’t know your history
You don’t know who you are!


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Beaumont residents are hoping to day will pass with the street names being daubed with black paint. o cadhla will be collecting his disability payment and he might have a few bob to spare for paint and a brush

Corks finest

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Say u know more about fairy stories than your own history That fairly story as you call it comes from the most read book on the planet Obviously you wouldn’t know how to even start reading it Bible and religion fairly important to the majority of Christian’s Ask your grandparents as obviously your parents didn’t

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