O cadhla

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Live in the present, man. No one really gives a fuck what a long dead monarch did or didnt do. Not a hot button voting issue. If that's all that eating you, you cant be badly off.Sure forget Barry
Tom Barry
Sheare’s brother’s
Wolfe Tone
1916 leaders
Bobby Sands etc etc
Pearse/ Clarke/ Cathal Bruagha
And anyone else who struck a blow for freedom which incidentally gives you the opportunity to post here
And live in a relatively peaceful state( 26 counties)
Era consign Macurtain and McSwiney etc to oblivion as your at it
I despair at some of Ireland’s woke dimwits

Corks finest

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Surely a big lass like yourself would know this?

A doley is someone who's life ambition amounts to living on state handouts while bleating about inconsequential nonsense.
Not many of them about
I know if nobody that is willingly taking benefits unless badly needed ie FIS/ HAP
Think the vast majority are normal but stuck

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