O cadhla

2 sides to everything I’m not cringing ref his confrontation with British warmongers I like his tenacity That’s a personal opinion

Live in the present, man. No one really gives a fuck what a long dead monarch did or didnt do. Not a hot button voting issue. If that's all that eating you, you cant be badly off.
Victoria Road was originally named after the actress Victoria Smurfit but then it was renamed after Queen Victoria.

The council saved a few quid on the sign.

Corks finest

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I’m living iv much In the present as are my children/ grandchildren in Creggan Derry Still occupied by crown forces Unlike by our plastic paddy stance

Warm Leatherette

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He reminds me of that looper who used to put up Holocaust denial posters around UCC. Like him O Cadhla recruits impressionable fellas with mental issues and/or learning difficulties. Whatever became of that other fella?


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At Halloween shops do not sell eggs to young people so stop vandalism. It might be a good helpful that paint sellers would refuse to sell black paint to o cadhla and his fellow travelers

Warm Leatherette

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Brian Wallace aka David Noone, thats the guy I was thinking of.


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