We were playing months ago, One of the lads was supping away, There was a handy pot after doubling up a few times,
Your man threw out his first hand.. three jacks, one of the lads threw three kings, The fella with the three jacks then threw out
nine, ten, jack, He was steamed so never spotted he had four jacks, He was stopped last hand, in again,
A flush is better than a straight in poker though, so it's not strictly poker rules though.

I don't know why this is though.
yeah.. I presume its because you are making a hand with 5 cards in classic poker and 3 cards in niner so the odds of getting 5 of 13 cards of one suit must be shorter than the odds of getting a series of 5 cards using all 4 suits in poker whereas the odds of getting 3 suited is easier than 3 in a series in niner?

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