Motorsport 2021

some shitshow in Las Vegas. Sainz runs over the manhole cover, does a huge amount of damage through no fault if his own and gets hit with a 10 place grid penalty for replacing a heap of parts :mad:
Verstappen sending the stewards his regards.
Perez dropping a 2nd on the line 2 races in a row.
Hamilton whinging.
Norris was lucky, you could see it took a while for him to get out of the car, transferred to hospital as a precaution.
Brundle grid walk......🤣

Security guy is going to get a rocket.

To Chris Hemsworth - who are you supporting?
Thor - Oscar Piastri he's Australian, 22....

Tommy Fleetwood - stop talking I have to move on now.
Jeito Moleque
The Kino, Washington Street West

12th Apr 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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All Eyes On Us

Crawford Art Gallery, Today @ 10am

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