Motorsport 2021

McLaren were the last team I remember with a dominant car and 2 drivers free to race (in 1988-9 and 1998-9) and that ended in rancour the first time and nearly cost them the WDC in 1999. Ferrari, Red Bull and Merc (maybe bar 2016 which nearly split the team) have always had a 1 and 2 driver. Constructors championship pays more for a team than Drivers championship. And that matters to Red Bull.
The last two laps was the most exciting of the race.
The Perez Alonso scrap was superb.
Perez speed v Alonso experience.
Perez should have been able to time it better.

Great Grand Prix all told. Hamilton classic, " we should have gone for the hard tyre " and presumably skated off the track.
Stand-up Comedy Christmas Party at The Coco Comedy Club
The Roundy, Castle St.

8th Dec 2023 @ 8:30 pm
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Cyprus Avenue, Tomorrow @ 7pm

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