Little things that are immensely satisfying

Eligible for parole doesn't mean he will get parole. In fact, it almost never means the prisoners will get parole. Its just the start of the process.

Yeah I know but there is still a good chance he could be free at some point in his 30's.
I know he was exceptionally young when he committed the crime but for a murderer to potentially have 30/40 years of freedom to look forward to after taking someone's life just doesn't sit right.

Anyway I'm not getting into a law debate I can't win, just musing aloud that in some instances I wish life actually meant life.
Think he's fed up because somebody went ratting and squealing about him again.

Really....That's sad.
You normally find that creeps like that like to say derogatory things about others themselves but can't take it in return.
I wouldn't give them the attention they seek so desperately online. There's a reason everybody rejected them in real life.

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