LISK-long island serial killer arrested

Seems he was winding the families up right until recently using burner phones and multiple online alts. Sounds like the lad learned his trade on the local talkpage scene.
Storage unit belonging to the guy being searched. Could be a treasure trove for evidence.

Attorney for the Shannan Gilbert family said a 2nd arrest could be made and hinting it's the suspects wife.

Always was talk of a woman being involved in the "Peaches" Doe murder as she was dumped bound like the rest but the baby was lovingly wrapped in a blanket hence the female theory but not sure if I buy it personally.
A woman's head and mans torso have turned up in the town of Babylon (home of gilgo beach) Remains are fresh and the rumors/theory of a second killer alongside our boy Rex having used the area as a disposal ground are coming up again.

Worth noting that one of the original bodies that were found years back were of a Asian male in drag.
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