kilt anyone?

in the hope of getting a sneaky wank off some wee lassy

Got married in a kilt, hidden away in poland though, wife liked the look, so wedding party men were decked. Looked the job, but wearing 20lbs worth of wool in 40 degrees wasnt the greatest idea in the world.
There is no Irish Kilt. Even the aristocratic Gaelic Irish used to just wear long shirts/tops and be bare legged.

The kilt and whole thing of every clan having their own style is a complete thing of fiction. As, by the way, are family coats of arms. Any thing to do with tartan, etc was highlander culture which was hijacked by the lowland Scots when some King came to visit in the 18th century. These are the same highlanders which were driven off their lands and shipped off the North America to make way for sheep.
You can buy them online - Molly it was actually a tradition for Irish men to wear kilts well before the Scots. I think this was another one of our cultural traditions that was put down - okay maybe for the better!! Some families in Ireland still retain specific kilt colours and patterns.
There is no historical evidence for a traditional Irish kilt similar to the Scottish kilt that goes back any further than the Gaelic Revival of the late nineteenth century.

Of course if we go back far enough we find men in many cultures wore some type of loose skirt or robe - fashion have always been changing.

The only use of the Scottish type kilt that took hold here is the use of kilts in Pipe Bands which were in turn based on the Scottish Pipe Bands which evolved in the British Army.
The Irish Pipe bands afaik only go back a little further than 100 years.

Don't believe everything you read on commercial sites about "Irish Kilts"

Don't bother with the auld kilt, you'll be frozen right up to the magairlí - the aristocratic Roman Toga is what I'd suggest.
Wearing a kilt at my wedding was an unforgettable experience. As someone with Scottish heritage, it was important to me to honor my family's traditions on my special day. The kilt itself was beautifully made, with tartan in my family's colors, and it made me feel proud to wear it. As I walked down the aisle, I felt a sense of connection to my ancestors and their history. It was a unique feeling that I'll never forget. Throughout the day, many guests commented on how striking the kilt looked and how it added a special touch to the ceremony. One of the most enjoyable aspects of wearing the kilt was how comfortable it was. Unlike traditional suits, which can be hot and stuffy, the kilt allowed for plenty of airflow and freedom of movement. I was able to dance and move around easily, without feeling constricted. Overall, wearing a kilt (Kilt Femme) at my wedding was a meaningful and memorable experience. It allowed me to connect with my heritage and add a unique touch to my special day. I would highly recommend it to anyone with Scottish ancestry who is considering incorporating traditional dress into their wedding.
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