Johnny Depp..

I just saw that headline in the Guardian and threw it up on here for the lolz. I haven't been following the trial tbh.
I haven’t followed it either. All I see is 2 drug riddled twats who have decided that their drug riddled stupidity needs to be played out in the public eye, and people lap it up as entertainment

To be filed next to Vardy and Rodney’s idiot wives ‘case’. No matter who ‘wins’ the outcome is that they are both deluded egotwats
That's a championship winning clatter right there. Someone post an oof gif...


Hank Scorpio

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Tbf Matlock being wrong on the PROC is as regular as Roundyfailed these days.

Dan, with your history of anger, self loathing, and animosity towards women, this trial must of been a study in self examining? No? Was it uncomfortable watching? You certainly had a lot to say about it.


And badly at that.

The Depp case is two retard Americans, showing what a pair of retards they are to the world.

Only in America could a grammatically challenged, laughing stock like yourself be an educator.

A nation so braindead that their proposal for solving their regular school shootings is to arm teachers.

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