Johnny Depp..

no-one wins is spot on.. seriously destructive stuff. I have a buddy just out the other side of it all - it has destroyed him

the judges version of 'splitting the money' was to give the wife both houses and she is to give my buddy about 35% of the value of the family home. He then owes all of his legal fees, which are colossal, out of that so he is left with a pittance to try restart his life and no chance of being able to buy a home again for now.

People will come on telling me that this isn't possible, and I'd have been one of them if I hadn't been the confidant in this case.

I lost close to a million.

Judge Fag adjudicated that I had the larger earning potential.

I hope she chokes on it, leaching cunt.
Property in Donnybrook.

Property in Kent.

She qualified as a Masters in Social Science(My help) Ditched the lot and went to work in a knackers yard. Didn't want children, shifted guilt to working environments then finally ended on claiming endometriosis.

Ya. A Fucking cunt.

It was all my fault of course.
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