John O'Shea Republic of Ireland Football Manager

You can't appoint a new manager without a CCEO surely ?? Hmmmmmm....
You thinking what I’m thinking?

Jonathon Hill gone now :lol!:

cant say Im sorry to hear that, the FAI comedy roadshow rolls on

Next week - Roy Keane for FAI CEO, and Johnno gets manager with Glenn Whelan back as captain

Hill had to go.

Think he only survived the last vote by the skin of his teeth.

Can't really blame the board for him being a complete turkey. On paper he had a decent CV.

Having a CEO who wasnt based in the country after 4 years in the job was a farcical situation.
The ROI senior men's football team is no longer a serious position. Give it to Roy and let Neville, Wright and Carragher be his backroom staff. Get the cameras out 🪰 on the wall style. Might be Box Office and the TV rights alone might pay Roy and his staff.
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