Joey Barton - A gent if ever there was one!

Take a look at some of the Sky pundits and tell me they’ve played the game at the elite level. Jamie O’Hara, Clinton Morrison, Lee Hendrie, Matt Murray.

For many years Sky more-so than others paraded women out for their tits and arses on Soccer AM. No harm now for the tide to turn. Male ex players have plenty of opportunities to have their opinions heard, Talk Sport is full of expert ex players who had such top careers in the men’s game. View attachment 29682
@TheOutdoorThreadmill never received a reply to this m8.
I'm glad we have real men like Joey fighting against women and from a personal point of view non-whites who are in vogue for media platforms' unquenchable thirst for diversity-driven modern-day society.
Emma Hayes has accused arsenal manager of displaying male agression following a touchline spat, when you want public support make a claim of male agression,
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