Joey Barton - A gent if ever there was one!

In hot water with the FA over 'obscene gestures' towards Torres against Liverpool at the weekend.

I was very surprised last night watching match of the day 2 - they discussed it and then said that they had decided against showing the clip - whats that all about?

I wouldnt be surprised if it was sky, but i didnt think the BBC would be at that shite

nothing on youtube, but theres heres a link with a gif of it
i didnt see it in context.

Barton is a scumbag, but i wouldnt think much of what happened with Torres really. If it was anybody else, itd be overlooked.

And he has a point. torres is a poof!

I was more surprised at match of the day and the BBC to be honest.
He asked Torres to suck him off

Torres wasn't interested (he hasn't been interested all season)

Barton is an utter cunt but Is playing well in fairness
It'd make a change I suppose since Andy Gray and co have been sucking Torres off the last few seasons.

This kind of thing happens in most games up and down the country. Banter.
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