Jesus lads, 'tis looking like BREXIT!

BBC R4 Steel industry boss: ‘The U.K. pays 61% more for energy than Germany. Those energy costs will be passed on making the U.K. uncompetitive.’

U.K. inflation 9%.

20 miles away France has inflation of 4.8%.

Is this something to do with being world beating again?

I recently watched a presentation by Posen from 2016 or thereabouts re: the likely consequences of Brexit - it's on YouTube.
Pretty much on the ball as it's turning out.
Posen called out the Brits years ago for being delusional on Brexit and he is being proven right.

He cut through all their Global Britain fantasy guff with a serious dose of reality.

Britain is drifting towards economic oblivion 'What we are really witnessing is an abject failure of government, much of it down to Boris Johnson and the people he has surrounded himself with.'Business investment 35% down against pre #Brexit trend. The negative impact on our economy is massive & collapsing the #NIP will make it even worse. 19-05-22.

What ever happened to post-Brexit the "Sunlit uplands"?
telegraph too !!
The Tories are the stupidest people on earth

Nadine offers Netflix business model advice before telling a committee of MPs on live TV that she shares her Netflix account details with 4 other households, with the Permanent Secretary having to tell her this isn’t allowed.

The people running Britain into the ground right now.

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