Is this 'Bitcoin' the real deal?

How bad boy

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I would disagree and so would the share price.

Apple and Android had all the momentum at that point.

The other companies had better product pipelines at that stage, and that's something that was not going to be easy to turnaround, and that's what Elop tries to do with the MS tie up.

I had one of those Nokia Windows phones and I thought it was actually pretty good. There was surprisingly little bloatware. I was surprised when they killed off that platform. Last time I checked, the Nokia Maps app still works on the phone but virtually nothing else does :lol:
At the time, the term for a phone in India was a Nokia.
The initial Windows 7 Nokia phones had a nice clean UI, unburdened by functionality or supported apps. By the time Windows Phone 8 came along, the apps problem wasn't as bad in Windows 7 but they broke backwards compatability and a lot of developers threw their hands up and said "nope, fuck this"

I was working for a company that was supplying stuff for Nokia's Symbian phones, when the burning platform memo came out, we just switched our focus wholesale to Android and barely worked with Nokia again.

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