Is this 'Bitcoin' the real deal?

The Judge

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I've been reading with interest these past few months about a 'virtual currency' called Bitcoin.Its value has increased by 1000% and it appears its being accepted by more and more banks/economies.Anyone any knowledge on it?I was considering having a small punt?
Bit L8 M8 I'd say, I'm no expert but afaik, one bitcom is about €3.5K.

Yea,theres a lot of volitity in the price and stability but the long term thinking is that its safer than currencies(especially with worldwide unease both peacefully and economically).
The problem with BitCoin ,Ehereum and other cryptocurrencies, is that if the internet ,or power grid goes down,or an EMP occurence ,your stash is lost. But then paper money can go poof in a hyper -inflation case.
The other present weakness is the Exchanges ,where you buy and sell. Mt Gox ,which was one of the biggest was hacked and went bust,
Ther are many cryptocurrencies about.( see link) The advantage is that they can be stored on a thumb-drive and escape currency and tax controls and Govt oversight.This may change as the weak link, the Exchanges, come under pressure.

The link is over 3 years old ,but may give you an idea on the progress value of each coin in the interim.
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