Is Donald Trump A Russian Puppet?

Trump does not have ‘links’ with Russia. For me he condemned himself when he had his summit with Putin and he came out and dismissed his the CIA’s investigation that Putin had a hand in his winning the presidency.
He looked shocked and sheepish when himself and Putin addressed the press afterwards. Basically Putin showed him footage of him pissing on Russia whores in his private suite, when visiting Russia in the 1990’s.
He is so in Putins pocket, it’s embarrassing.
Throwing your own security forces under the proverbial bus is enough evidence for me.
Donald is a busted flush, the Americans needed to try the old tea party line to get it out of their system once a for all.Been done didn’t quite work out.

Yes he still has a lot of support in the Republican Party but also plenty who can’t stand him. Can’t see him running TBH.

The World if fixated on some old pensioner who plays golf in Florida and Doonbeg.Time to move on .

We should be worried about the 2 old incoherent guys with their fingers on the red buttons Right now.
One could say that the so-called Tea Party was busted when they were first elected after the Great Recession and they did none of the cost/tax cutting things they had promised to do. Yet they are still with us as Trump supporters. Worse, they don’t see the contradictions between what they say and what they do.

The fact is, the movement is tribal. Far more than half of the Republicans still think that Trump is our current elected president. While a few of Trump’s endorsements lost the recent primaries and there has been some Republican reaction against some of the things he claims to support, he’s still a force. For him to really go away, he will have to be replaced. But the stupidity of most of his followers is undiminished.
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