Is a BBQ really better than a simple grill?

often wondered the same

seems like a buttload of hassle the whole setting up a barb-b-q, when one can simply cook inside as normal in a fully equipped kitchen and then bring the food outside if one wishes


Probably not healthy alright but hard to beat a bbq burger, Angus with blue cheese. Mmmmmm.

Vegetables are a fucker to cook on them though.

Also get a weber, no other will do.

Make tinfoil parcels of vegtables. Drizzel with oilve oil and sprinkle with erbs before wrapping up the tinfoil.


Anyone tried White Rabbit BBQ up in the Victorian Quarter?

I had food in there one night and yer man even warned me in advance as to how fatty it was.

Some sort of pork brisket on a piece of wood with a load of "slaw". Thank fuck I wasn't wearing a white shirt, people would have thought I was involved in some sort of "dirty protest"

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7th Oct 2022 @ 7:30 pm
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