Immigration Thread

Yes, the Government just love wars in far off places just so they can line the pockets of their "buddies" in the hotel or modular pre-fab home business housing people fleeing war zones that are popping up all over the place.

Just express loyalty to F.F./F.G. The Greens and Independents and you are in.....................Kerrr Chinnnng!
Not sure if you're being sarcastic or funny.

But things have reached a point where the government is appealing to people to open their houses.

My question is why isn't there super-basic housing?

I see corrugated shed style accommodation here in Germany. You go to any building site and you'll find stacked containers used for construction workers to live in.

I know it's suboptimal but it's surely better than a tent on a Dublin street.
The idea of putting people into cold containers, sheds or other non-compliant structures is just barking mad.

Better than tents.

And they can be heated.

And how do you know they are not compliant?

And why are you defending the status quo?

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